Do You Offer Financing?

We don't personally offer business financing for many reasons. First, financing is opening a new retail credit card. It is checking your credit and approving you for a certain amount, and if you max out the balance in the beginning, that can hurt your credit score. Second, the "zero" percent financing is not always zero percent. The fine print on interest free is the catch. If and when you go over the allotted time, the interest starts from day 1 of purchase. Also, there are different stipulations to the parts that have interest-free financing and parts that don't.

What are better payments options then?

Credit cards are still the preferred way of payment, but instead of opening one specifically for jewelry or from a store, opening one straight from the Credit card companies will get you way more benefits. For example, a CHASE ®  credit card can give you 18 months 0% financing as well as an introductory bonus and a 1.5% rebate offer. No store card can give you that. Of course you will have a credit check as well as good credit standing, but at least when you get a credit limit you don't have to max it out and lower your credit right there. 

Do I get a discount if I pay cash?

No. We try very hard to keep our prices as low as possible, without having to haggle on cash/check prices. 

Do I need Insurance on my ring?

It is highly recommended to get insurance on your jewelry. It is never guaranteed how you wear your jewelry. A small mishap could leave the ring in the bottom of the ocean (it's happened!) and with insurance, you have the comfort of replacing what you had. Every insurance company covers differently also, so we recommend Jewelers Mutual because they have had the best reviews and feedback that we've seen with customers. 

What kind of Warranty do I have? 

We always take care of our customers the best that we can. We clean, check and tighten stones anytime you bring it in. We also replace and missing side stones within the first year of wear. If you hit your ring hard or drop it, prongs and/or stones might break. If that happens, we can re-tip prongs and replace stones for the minimal cost of the part. 

How do I clean my ring/jewelry? 

We have a great jewelry cleaner solution that we carry in store that works great on any metal, especially gold and silver, and is safe for diamonds, ruby, sapphire, topaz, amethyst and other non-porous precious and semi-precious gems. Just dip your jewelry into the non-toxic solution for a few seconds, rinse with water and your jewelry will sparkle like new! Each jar includes a handy tray and brush.