Everyday Wear and Tear on Jewelry is Common We're Familiar with all Kinds of Services You May Need Including:

  • Ring resizing
  • Jewelry polishing
  • Stone tightening
  • Stone replacing 
  • Earring posts & backings
  • Engraving rings
  • Watch batteries
  • Watch resizing
  • Retipping metal prongs to reinforce 
  • Repair broken, worn or bent prongs
  • Clasp replacement
  • Restringing pearls/beads, costume jewelry 

Redesign Your Jewelry

We also re-design jewelry! Whether you have unused jewelry or old stones that you want to make into new jewelry, we can help design and re-design to create your personal piece! Come in and let us know if you have any questions regarding re-making or trading in jewelry. We also buy gold, however, we do waive the right to refuse any pieces that we do not see fit for reconstruction or genuine. 


We keep customer service our main priority. We check, clean and tighten stones of all jewelry from us anytime for the life of the piece. Any missing side stones (under 0.10ct.) within the first year is free of charge, and charged according to the cost of the replaced part thereafter. However, even with cleaning and tightening, we cannot be responsible for any stones falling out at anytime after cleaning. We highly recommend jewelry insurance for all your fine jewelry!

Your Jewelry Should be Enjoyed!

We want you to wear and maintain your beautiful pieces as long as you can. That's why we do checking and maintenance as often as possible for your Jewelry. We recommend every 6 months to a year for routine checking and tightening from everyday wear.

We also highly recommend that you maintain independent insurance coverage for your jewelry to help cover significant damage, loss, or theft. Please email us info@donnajewelryco.com or call us at (312) 750-0940 for more information.

Home Care

There are many ways you can keep your jewelry looking shiny at home!

Our special cleaning solution is non-toxic and non-ammonia so it will not harm your gold, platinum or diamonds. Simply put your jewelry in the basket for anywhere from 5 minutes up to an hour. If necessary, use brush to remove any dirt or dust that might have built up under the stones. Remove and rinse under warm water and dry gently with a soft cloth. Pick one up at our shop for $10.

DIY home solutions also work well like a soaking your jewelry in a couple drops of dish soap and warm water. Using a soft toothbrush will also do the job.