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Precious Gemstones


Blue Sapphires are the most common and popular colored stone choice for Engagement Rings. For more reasons than just the beautiful blue color it possesses, it is also very high on the hardness scale. You want to wear an Engagement Ring everyday and with everyday wear, Sapphires and any other colored stone will scratch. The Sapphire gemstone, also known scientifically as Corundum, is on the top of gemstone hardness scale. There are also many different colors of Sapphires to choose from including Pink, Peach, Yellow, Green and White Sapphires!  


The beautiful and rare red Ruby is another much loved colored stone for rings and other jewelry. The fine quality Ruby will have a vibrant crimson color with less inclusions. Ruby is also part of the Corundum family, with trace elements of Chromium to produce its red color. Variations will include orangey red to purplish red. The most sought after color is called "pigeon's blood." 


The exquisite green Emerald is a sight to see! These highly sought after precious gemstones date back almost 3 billion years ago. The degree of color will determine the price, as well as the inclusions. With most Emeralds, however, the inclusions will be visible with the naked eye. Otherwise they can get extremely expensive. Even with the beauty and allure of the green Emeralds, it is important to know that they are soft and fragile gemstones that should be worn occasionally and best shown on pendants or earrings. 

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Colored Stones are the most beautiful way to add pop to your jewelry!
With all colors of the rainbow, from red to orange and pink, to blues, greens and purple, there's definitely a favorite color to fit any occasion!