Engagement Rings

Let us help you create your dream ring! Whether it's a combination of parts of different rings, or an independent creative design altogether, we have the tools to make it come true! Using the most advanced Computer Aid Design (CAD) Software, you can have all the parts of a ring that you love!  

Wedding Bands 

Matching wedding bands designed exactly the way you want. Our designed engagement rings allow us to outline and mirror the design for a matching wedding band! Whether or not you want a match, we can use your engagement ring to design the depth, width and style to create the unique look you desire! 


Any piece of jewelry you can imagine can you custom designed. Whether a gift to symbolize the birth of a child, a mother's ring or personalizing your favorite colors and shapes, we can bring it to life! We can even use your stones that you might have from old jewelry or passed down to you to construct new pieces to enjoy and cherish! 

Request a Custom Design

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