Forever Classic

Gold in all its forms will always be Popular, Valuable and Timeless. White, Yellow and Rose Gold are the most common colors of Gold. The most popular and leading types are 14k and 18k. 10k Gold is much lower in quality and tarnishes and 22k+ Gold is much to soft to use in Diamond Jewelry.


The Excellent Attributes of Gold allow it to be Formed into any Shape, Style and Fashion but stay Strong, Firm and Resistant when wearing for hundreds of years. In Jewelry, Gold will scratch and Wear, but it can also be very easily Repaired and Restored. Gold will not tarnish, but when the color of White Gold changes, it is because the piece has been Rhodium-dipped and the Natural color is coming out from wear. 


Gold is one of the most longest standing forms of Wealth. For over 3,000 years, Gold has been used not only for Jewelry, but Medically, Architecturally, Electronically, and more importantly- Financially. Our money is backed by Gold!

Life Span

Gold can be worn and used for many years, and then melted and reused into a whole new piece without losing any of the quality. Some of the Gold weight will be lost during melting, but this unique work is actually part of why Gold holds it's value.


Pure Gold is much too soft for use in Jewelry wearing, but it would also be too expensive to use in Jewelry. 14k Gold is 58% Pure Gold, with the rest made up of different alloys depending on end color. The alloys used are also precious metals and are Valuable. White Gold uses more Silver and Nickel alloys, Rose Gold uses more Copper alloys and Yellow Gold uses both Silver and Copper alloys. These different color Golds also have different wearing properties that can be explained more in depth.


Yellow Gold and Rose Gold are the most hypoallergenic of the Golds, but White Gold is still can be worn by 90% of our customers. For people with sensitive skin and allergies to Nickel, White Gold will not be good for Jewelry. You also might not know you're allergic to Nickel until you wear it for awhile. And sometimes irritation can be caused merely by wearing Jewelry too small (tight) and when washing your hands, the water will stay and cause a rash. Most of the time simple changes like taking off jewelry and drying it completely or just taking off jewelry once in awhile will remedy any irritation.

Look & Feel

The High Luster and Shine from all colors of Gold are the most unique part of it. Any Diamond or Gemstone will be Stunning in White, Yellow or Rose Gold. It is also a heavy metal, but not too heavy for all kinds of Jewelry from Rings to Earrings and Necklaces. All types of Jewelry is recommended with Gold. The Strength, the Color and the Value make Gold the most popular Choice. Let us know if you have any questions about Gold!