Pure Genius 

Platinum is the most Precious Metal not only because it is one of the rarest metals, but because it is a very durable metal. It is malleable enough to work with jewelry and hard enough to last for hundreds of years. The Purity of Platinum keeps the White Color from tarnishing or fading. 


Platinum's Strength is probably the best part about it. Even though it takes a skilled Jeweler to work with it, Platinum is still the preferred metal for Engagement Rings. The Natural White color of Platinum also gives an advantage to any Diamond, making it brighter and whiter. Even with it's hardness though, Platinum can be scratched and will pick up nicks and scuffs. Polishing and Cleaning is an easy fix for this Strong Metal though. 


With the Rarity of this Metal, the value becomes higher and will always hold is value when passing down Jewelry from Generation to Generation. The value is also due to the purity of the metal. There are only about 10% of alloys in Platinum, as opposed to more than half of gold being alloys. 

Life Span 

Platinum will last for Hundreds of Years to come. The density and other Characteristics of Platinum allow the metal to be worked with, melted and formed without losing much metal. It can withstand a great deal of wear and tear without cracking or breaking- something that white gold can do if hit hard enough. Wear and tear on Platinum, however, can cause a ring to bend and misshapen due to the malleability of it. But it can be re-shaped fairly quickly too. 


Platinum is 90% pure, as opposed to the the 58% that is of gold in 14k Gold. The purity also accounts for the pure white color that it holds. Platinum will never tarnish, corrode, rust or change color. 


Platinum's purity and other characteristics also make this metal the most hypoallergenic. Most people are not allergic to  White Gold or the alloys in White Gold, but the few percent that are, should stick with Platinum. 

Look & Feel

The last but not least part of Platinum that can affect your decision is the feeling of the ring. Platinum is twice the weight of Gold, so you will feel the difference. However, any piece is easy to get used to. We recommend Platinum for many Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands, but for other jewelry such as Bracelets, Pendants, Earrings etc., the use for Platinum is not as necessary.