Fashion Forward

Sterling Silver is the highest Quality of Silver. We use Sterling Silver or Continuum Silver mostly for Fashion Jewelry and Accessories. 

Made of 90% Pure Silver and the rest alloys, Sterling Silver is the highest form of Silver. 


Silver is not as strong as Gold and Platinum, so we don't usually use them for Engagement Rings or Wedding Bands. Silver is soft and malleable, so after long term wear, the piece can bend. Silver will also Tarnish if not worn or taken care of. 


Although the Silver price is much less than Gold, Silver is a precious metal and does hold its value over the years with proper care. Like Gold, it can also be melted and reused into different pieces of jewelry. Silver Jewelry is popular because of the fact that it is not as expensive as Gold or Platinum. 

Life Span

With proper care, Silver jewelry can hold up for many years. The biggest disadvantage of Silver is that it tarnishes over time. Silver's copper alloy oxidizes with the contact of air, sulfur, and water. Other everyday chemicals such as perfume, lotions and hair care products will effect the color and speed up tarnishing. Polishing and correct storage can most definitely preserve the Silver, making it last longer. Keeping Silver jewelry in a airtight bag when not being worn is the best advice. 


Our Sterling Silver is made up of 92.7% pure silver and 7.3% metal alloy. There are so many types of Silver that could make a piece more of less expensive, more or less valuable, and more or less strong. Other types of less expensive ways of simulating Silver are descriptions like "gold-filled" and "silver-plated," which are nothing more than cheap metals overlayed or mechanically bonded with base metals. 


Depending on the type of alloys used in the Sterling Silver Jewelry, it could produce an allergic reaction with skin. Nickel is a common alloy of Silver, but so is Copper. There are different grades of Silver and alloys that will determine if your skin is tolerable. 

Look & Feel

Sterling Silver and Continuum Silver Jewelry have beautiful shine and luster, with cool hues and tones similar to Platinum. When Silver is cleaned regularly and properly stored, it will look very beautiful and appealing.